To create a comprehensive and actionable dashboard, we start by analyzing CPIB as an entity, their mission, vision and different functions. These help us categorize and prioritize different types of relevant information, in line with CPIB’s focus and goals. Following points summarize our key insights and motivations behind creation of the final dashboard.

CPIB Vision: A Leading Anti-Corruption Agency that upholds Integrity and Good Governance towards Achieving a Corruption-free Nation

How can we measure Integrity?

  • Transparency
  • Convenient Corruption Reporting System
  • e-Services
  • Data Quality & Audit

How can we measure Good Governance?

  • Clear Processes & Policies
  • Quality Investigation Process
  • Improved Systems, Processes & Services
  • Achieving Service Commitments

What are CPIB’s key functions?

  • Prevention: Public outreach & awareness programs
  • Detection: Investigations, e-Services
  • International Collaborations: Regional and global work groups

Through this assessment and the fact that 8 of the 13 CPIB teams essentially focus on Operational Excellence, we conclude that CPIB as a unit belongs to the Ops Excellence quadrant of Singapore’s Balanced Scorecard. Given this, we come up with the following key questions that a stakeholder will be interested in knowing about CPIB’s performance.

  • Mission & Performance (Prime Focus)
    • What’s our world ranking in International CPI (Corruption Perception Index)?
    • Which are the most corruption-prone areas? What are we doing about these?
  • Customer
    • Are we meeting all our service commitment targets?
    • How successful are the prevention & outreach programs?
  • Ops Excellence
    • How efficient are the existing (e.g. corruption complaints and e-Services) processes?
  • Talent
    • Is the international exposure benefiting our employees?
  • Finance
    • Are we within budget for cost & infrastructure?
    • Do you need more investments? What’s the anticipated benefit?

Subsequently, these questions drive our dashboard creation.  Following image shows the ideal state that we envision for our dashboard.


Data Sources

  1. 2015 Annual Report:
  2. 2014 Annual Report:
  3. World CPI Rankings:
  4. World Bank Country-wise Corruption Data:

The detailed report can be found in Google Drive (File Name: DA3 – BSC Dashboard (CPIB).pdf) and the Public Tableau link can be found here

Team Details:

Theingi Zaw, Vadym Kulish, Gomathypriya Dhanapal, Sougata Deb

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