We selected Olympic 2016 as our Geo-spatial Analytics and Visualization topic because of its truly global nature encompassing all countries and also since it was a live event during the course of the assignment making our journey an evolutionary one.

We gathered data from multiple sources on the current and last (2012 London) Olympic. To put country performances in perspective and to assess impact of different socio-economic indicators on medals standing, we collected data on several economic and lifestyle indicators from ~10 different online sources. Additionally, we used Twitter data for a global sentiment analysis on Olympic, 2016.

We studied the data using multiple visualization softwares (Carto, Tableau and ArcMap) and performed some additional analyses using SPSS-Modeler and RapidMiner. Detailed report explaining our journey can be accessed from Google Drive (File Name: DA4 – Geo (Olympic).pdf).

Our final visualization dashboard was created in Tableau (this link), while some intermediate visualizations were created in Carto

Finally, the summary presentation as a gist of the detailed report is shared below

Do leave a reply if you need further information / clarification or have a suggestion for us to make it better.

Team Details:

Theingi Zaw, Vadym Kulish, Gomathypriya Dhanapal, Sougata Deb