The purpose of the dashboard is to define KPIs to measure the benefits and success of SMART Nation Program in Singapore. The dashboard covers the KPI from the following perspectives

  1. Investment Perspective
  2. Population Perspective
  3. Business Perspectivesmart-nation-1Each theme KPIs are further analyzed to understand the trends and how possible impact the KPIs

Investment Theme

Investment Theme looks at the Smart Nation Investment and it’s impact on ICT business in singapore. Below trend charts highlights various new smart nation intiatives started by different departments and overall impact on ICT business.


Population Theme

Population them looks at Population technology use interms of smart services usage , opprortunities for Infocom Professionals, Security Risk preparedness and finally technology availability and adoption by the population.


Business Theme

Busines theme looks at Smart nation impact on ICT business sentiment, Productivity growth and finally ICT Net Job creations in Singapore.



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