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Do Loyalty Programs Really Enhance Behavioural Loyalty? — November 11, 2016

Do Loyalty Programs Really Enhance Behavioural Loyalty?

As part of the Customer Relationship Management elective, our team has come up with a one-page summary of the paper published by Leenheer, J., van Heerde, H.J., Bijmolt, T.H.A., and Smidts, A. (2007)  titled “Do loyalty programs really enhance behavioral loyalty? An empirical analysis accounting for self-selecting members.”.


Team Members: Chua Jialing Vivien, Liang Jialiang, Prateek Nagaria, Supriyaa

Geo-Visualization of Human Encroachment into Natural Ecosystems —

Geo-Visualization of Human Encroachment into Natural Ecosystems

The growing world population and subsequent diminishing of natural resources is a major concern for humanity.

Gathering data from WWF, NASA and UN, the project aims to show how the increase in population and number of cities has resulted in human encroachment into natural ecosystems.

Using Carto, we plotted 3 categories of regions identified to be of rich biodiversity as well as areas that are still classified as “Wild” and untouched. City location and population data were then overlaid.

In addition to providing geo-visualisations of cities and rich ecological regions, we also managed to use Carto’s Spacial Join Tool to extract and plot cities which lie within the regions to identify places that could potentially endanger biodiversity of the planet.

Our visualisations showed the following:

1. The cities with population more than 1 million (as red dots) overlaid on the ecological regions [change over time]


2. The cities with current population of more than 300,000 (as black dots) overlaid on the ecological regions, with bubble size representing population.


3. The overlap of cities with ecoregions with intensity of Purple dots representing the number of ecoregions a city lies in.


The dashboard has been posted for public viewing and can be found at HERE.

Team Members: Chua Jialing Vivien, Prateek Nagaria, Ravi Malhotra, Supriyaa & Tian Ziqiang