Selection of Agency

For our assignment on the Balanced Scorecard, we chose the Public Service Division (PSD) under the Singapore Government Prime Minister’s Office.


Strategy Map

We looked at PSD’s approach to enable a future-ready Public Service that leverages on technology and data; eventually focusing on eGovernment.   After analysing available eGovernment information online, we attempted to create PSD’s Strategy Map and a identified some possible indicators for this initiative.

We found a lot of data and information across various Singapore Government websites.  Arising from the fact that numerous eGovernment projects are currently ongoing, we were able to create a rich dataset from which to draw our dashboard.  From our four indicators, we developed 12 indicators that would allow our stakeholders to view the progress of eGovernment initiatives from four perspectives:

  • eCitizen
  • eBusiness
  • eGov Capabilities
  • e-Collaboration across agencies

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eGovernment Dashboard

Our initial dashboard was too complex – utilising too many different types of charts, presenting too much information, and inadequately highlighting the important indicators.

To address the above areas for improvement, we reduced our indicators from 12 to seven, simplified the format and the charts used, as well as highlight the more important indicators.  The dashboard was created using Tableau Desktop.

Team Members

Dr Acebedo, Cleta Milagros Libre
Jun Yu, Thomas
Shen Shutao
Sulaiman Ahamed Moosa

Disclaimer:  This project is purely for academic purposes only, in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the NUS ISS MTech Enterprise in Business Analytics – Data Analytics Module. Our work was based on third party information and we do not claim any authority on the subject matter.  Authenticity of third party data was not validated.  The data and resulting dashboard should be treated to contain dummy data for an academic exercise.