We present a balance scorecard dashboard for National Population and Talent Division of Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. This unfolds a story of immigration in Singapore since beginning.

The 4 strategic thrusts of this division lies in following areas :

  • Supporting marriage and parenthood
  • Engaging and rooting talent
  • Naturalising and integrating our new immigrants
  • Engaging overseas Singaporeans



With this dashboard we have tried to answer following questions, keeping in mind the four strategic thrusts defines above in context to the immigration story of Singapore.

  • How are Immigration and GDP of Singapore correlated – GDP as the Proxy for Immigrants growth
  • Are we addressing their aspiration and providing the quality of life in terms of infrastructure and environment to retain them?
  • What are the factors encouraging the more inflow of immigrants – Singapore is among top five countries in the world for Ethics & Corruption, Global Consumer Index, Health and Primary Education, Pay and Productivity, Public Sector Performance, Transport and Technology, thus an amazing country to live in, attracting more Immigrants from all over the world !
  • How the diffusion of the immigrant people with Singapore locals would have the cultural, Social and economic impact on Singapore – contributed to the Rich Cultural Diversity in Singapore.
  • As the median age of the population is increasing YoY, what is the impact of the ageing population on Singapore Economy and given the conception that the reasons for the ageing population is due to population what are the reasons that the Career Oriented Population is not able to have a positive impact on the GDP of Singapore.
  • Do we have the required local talents to fill new jobs in the new economy? – Vacancy to Unemployed ratio, as shown is greater than one considering the local population, which means Singapore doe not have enough skilled local labour to fill up the job vacancies and thus remain unemployed !
  • Talents for the 4th industrial revolution, Is Singapore well placed to prepare the population for the technological disruption? – proportion of immigrants in PMET (Professional, Management, Executive and Technical) population suggests that Singapore needs more skilled overseas labour to prepare itself for industrial revolution
  • What kind of aspirations are these talents aspiring to while working in Singapore – Here you will retire rich because of low taxes, compared to US, so fulfils the aspirations of working class

Dashboard Link : https://public.tableau.com/views/NPTDdashboardassignmentV1_1/Dashboard1?:embed=y&:display_count=yes

Conclusion : With this dashboard we have unfolded the immigration story of Singapore and established the need of highly skilled immigrants in Singapore. Thus, Singapore should frame welcoming policies for immigrants to prepare itself for the industrial revolution and position itself a pioneer on Global platform.

Team Members :

  • Akanksha Sharma – A0148508Y
  • Shivain Mehta – A0148633B
  • Snigdha Chadha – A0148629R
  • Tan Aik Chong – A0150378A