Analytics And Intelligent Systems

NUS ISS AIS Practice Group

Calendar Analytics Dashboard — November 16, 2016

Calendar Analytics Dashboard

Business Purpose – To evaluate the meetings conducted

Target Audience – Head of the Department123

Business Questions that can be answered are

  • What is the time spent in the meetings?
  • What are the number of Daily, Weekly and Monthly meetings?
  • Which is the major category that has consumed more number of meetings?
  • How each category consumes out of the total meetings conducted in the past 4 months?
  • Across a week, how many hours have been consumed for each project?
  • Typically which day is the busiest of the week?
  • Which category of meeting takes up the most and least amount of time?
  • What kind of meetings are mostly scheduled in mornings /evenings?

Team Details

Aravind Prabhu Krishnan              A0148607Y

Bala Gowtham Chandrasekaran  A0148536X

Herald Nithesh Patrickvijayan      A0148613E

Vignesh Mohan                              A0148543B