• The main idea of the presentation is to show the changes in Internet usage across countries of the world over the years.
  • The data has been collected from 1990 to 2014 and has been downloaded from the United nations database( http://data.un.org)
  • We have used Tableau 10.0 to visualize the data.
  • From the previous graph, we see that over the years, there is a very rapid increase in the mean value of the internet users.
  • Though, the total number of internet using countries increases rapidly till 2001 and then it gradually becomes constant. Thus the total count from 2001 is almost constant.
  • The count of the country through the trend for year 2015 comes to be 202. Also, the mean for the number of internet users, following the trend is 48.05.
  • From the previous graph, we see that the rate by which the number of internet using countries increases, decreases rapidly over the years( slowly becoming constant)
  • Though the number of users ( maximum number) increases over the years, the rate of increase decreases rapidly.
  • In the year 2014 , the rate of increase is around 6% ( for the countries) but, the maximum mean value of internet users is around 45.
  • The geovisualization shows the world map with respect to the time. We can see the mean value of internet users for the different years across the world. The dark green colours show more internet usage as compared to the light green ones.

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