Insights from Injury Statistics – A Dashboard for workplace safety in Singapore:

Singapore is a unique country, a developed nation yet ever-growing for industries like real estate, construction, manufacturing, mining, IT, finance. For a nation with a good growth rate as Singapore, workplace accidents and injuries gives friction to its wheels.  Workplace safety plays an important role in the smooth development of the country with higher efficiency.

One of the important indicators to understand the workplace safety & injuries scenario in a country is “occupational injury & death” statistics. Thus, the dashboard aims to provide various insights into the safety scenario of Singapore from its occupational injury and death statistics



To understand the workplace safety scenario in Singapore from its occupational injury data like Key safety indicators, incident type and industry wise effects of workplace injuries, a relative injury fatality standing against transport accidents and a global comparison of injury rates for the construction sector.

Questions and metrics:


Definition of Metrics for Key Safety Measures:

  • Workplace Injury Rate:    


  • Accident Frequency Rate: 


  • Accident Severity Rate:      


Dashboard summary and Design perspective:

The dashboard was designed to emphasize on the key safety measures over other historical and statistical data without undermining their capability to give insights.

In the above safety measure rates, WIR and AFR have swinging trends hovering about an average value, which shows that Singapore has been putting continuous efforts to keep the rates in check by enforcing the safety regulations properly in it’s all expansions. The third-rate which is the Accident Severity Rate (A.S.R) is seen to have a slightly decreasing trend which is a good sign in terms of the country’s overall progress.

In comparison to transport accidents, over the years 2011-2015, the number of workplace accidents counted to nearly one-fourth and this has been an almost consistent observation. Also, while the number of transport accidents are decreasing over years, the number of workplace accidents have shown a slight increasing trend.  And among the various industry sectors manufacturing, construction, transportation and service sectors contribute to the most number of deaths while the prime causes of death being falls, slips, trips, struck by moving or falling objects etc.

On a global comparison, Singapore fares well especially w.r.t its neighbours in the Asia-Pacific like Hong Kong, Macau etc. as well as many European states and only falling behind Australia in Workplace Injury Rate.


Data for the dashboard was collected from various sources like, Workplace Safety and health (WSH) council (Singapore), International Labour Organization (ILO) and used to inform the metrics.

Link to Tableau Public : Workplace safety in Singapore

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Arun Kumar Balasubramanian    (A0163264H)
Devi Vijayakumar                             (A0163403R)
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[ISS EBAC 04 – 2017]