Venkatesh Kumar R. and Chandrasekaran R. (2015) have developed an estimation model based on lines of code to accurately estimate software development effort. This model allows project managers to more efficiently estimate budgets and delivery timelines for software development projects. A new estimation software application was also developed based on these models to assist project managers in determining the development effort required before initiation of the project.

blog-Assignment1-Task1-Journal-Summary-MLR-EB5101-Xian Sirui (A013435H) -Tyagi Arti (A0163343L)-Tagaan Rosalie (A0163455A)-Qi PengYu (A0163393B)

Retrieved from: International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Team Members:  Qi PengYu, Tagaan Rosalie, Tyagi Arti, Xian Sirui