Strategic social media plays a crucial role in contemporary customer relationship management (CRM); however, the best practices for social CRM are still being discovered and established. The ever-changing nature of social media challenges the ability to establish benchmarks; nonetheless, this article captures and shares actions, insights, and experiences of using social media for CRM. This case study examines how an academic library at a mid-size American university located in northeast Florida uses social media to engage in social listening and to enhance CRM. In particular, the social listening practices of this library are highlighted in relation to how they influence and potentially improve CRM. By exploring the practices of this single institution, attempts are made to better understand how academic libraries engage with customers using social media as a CRM tool and ideas for future research in the realm of social media and CRM practices are discussed.
Academic Library, Customer Relationship Management, Facebook, Hashtags, Instagram, Library Customers, Social CRM, Social Media, Strategic Social Listening, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, Twitter


SOURCE: http://www.igi-global.com.libproxy1.nus.edu.sg/gateway/article/172050

SUBMITTED BY:  Ding Renzhi A0163220X, Gu Zhuyi A0163219H

                                  Ma Min A0163305N, Gao Ruofei A0163436E

                                  Zheng Weiyu A0163412R